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COVID-19 Variants

How Many People Died of Covid-19?

As of today, Jan 02, 2022, the coronavirus has caused 5.67 million deaths worldwide, just by the United States alone, 890k death. In Malaysia, 31,978 people have died of Covid infection.

How to fight COVID-19 Variants?

Many peoples commented, only vaccines can save the world out of the delta, lambda, and now the dominion omicron variants, but sad to say, humans can never invent an effective vaccine before virus mutation. In fact, safe vaccine development is a long, complex process, often lasting 10-15 years and involving a combination of public and private involvement.

Covid-19 Vaccine Shot vs Immunity

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has highlighted to the world that, it is so important of immunization to our modern world. In a very short period of time frame, across the world, more than 100 COVID-19 vaccines are currently being developed.

The world is forced to rush to approve the Covid-19 vaccine, in just a year, and therefore as of today, the vaccination data show that 10.1 billion doses were given, 4.16 billion full vaccinated, and 53.3% of the population fully vaccinated. No doubt, the vaccine can really help to reduce the total death, but it also brings many vaccination side effects, unfortunate some people die after being vaccinated.

The Side Effects

As of today, the world still talking about 3 jabs of the COVID vaccine. Israel has already begun to go for 4 jabs, yet there are thousands of covid infection reported cases, and some events died.

I have a good friend who went for 3 jabs after being vaccinated her blood pressure shot up to 180/90mmHg, her eyes swollen, and can see her eye is bleeding. I suffer thyroid hypertension for many years, after the vaccine, my thyroid gland is swollen and I am forced to increase Carbimozole doses.

I believed, under the sun there are many peoples who experience the side effects of vaccination, but the vaccine manufacturer keeps denying the facts and saying, the vaccine is safe.

The Alternative Way Out

Flighting against Covid-19 variants

Sesaplex Clinically Proven Resistance to H1N1

H1N1 and Covid-19 virus belong to the same group of classes as Coronavirus. CellAge+ contains the Sesaplex which has clinically proven reports of effective resistance to H1N1 viruses.

CellAge+ stem cell food supplement really can boost up your immunity to flight against covid-19 variants effectively.

CellAge+(3g) Immune Boost Foods

An Immune Boost Foods

Covid-19 virus are not far away from us, and he is around us. At this moment, there is no drug to cure, and the only way we have is to balance up immunity.

If your immunity is too strong, it may cause you an immunity storm (Cytokine Storm). If immune is too low, then easily kill by these viruses. As saying goes, prevention is better than cure. CellAge+ not only boosts up your immune system and it's also able to balance up your whole body's immunity to flight against Covid viruses. 


  • Jaden

    September 14, 2021 at 11:15 am

    Early this year, my wife infected covid-19, she had a fever and also breathing difficulties. Thank God, a friend introduce her CellAge+ immune boost food, and my wife immediately took CellAge+ for an emergency. Right after 3-5 days, I can see her situation under control and without a must admit her to the hospital. She wins the battle over coronavirus, today she is completely found without any side effects, and after covid symptom

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